Badminton Court Rubber Flooring

Whether for leisure or professional play, installing the right flooring is critical for every badminton court. Badminton court rubber flooring features comfort and good grip for superior performance and enhanced safety. For optimum support and protection, the flooring system demands a durable shock-absorbing surface to allow players to perform at their best.

At Rentak Hiasan, badminton court rubber flooring features triple-action Protecsol, CXP, and Sanosol for outstanding player comfort and protection. Our floorings have excellent slip resistance, natural durability, and shock absorption. Easy to install, our rubber floorings are non-toxic, easy to maintain, and are suitable for various sports too.


The ultimate in player comfort, protection and perfect footing
Badminton Court flooring – Specialised sports flooring

  • Available in ready to go (10mn)
  • Easy to install portable playing surface
  • Excellent player comfort and protection
  • Structures embossing made for perfect footing

Product Construction

Badminton Court Rubber Flooring
  1. Triple Action Protecsol
  2. CXP
  3. Sanosol

Available Colours