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Rentak Hiasan Setia is an authorized distributor of Taraflex™ flooring from Gerflor, a leading global brand of indoor sports flooring. Taraflex™ has been around since 1947, and is committed to safety and quality.

Protection and safety are the main concerns when we are developing a new floor. With a complete range of P1/P2/P3 products, we offer the perfect solution adapted to all users and usages, from low impact activities through elite and performance sports. Taraflex™ flooring brings immediate impact protection to all users when falling, diving or sliding. Taraflex™ is the most widely specified sports surface in the world; it has been selected for 10 consecutive Olympic Games from Montreal to London 2012 for indoor surfaces like Handball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis and Sitting Volleyball. Through solutions like Taraflex™, Gerflor is committed to ongoing sustainability, which is incorporated into its floor performance and properties.

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