The Secrets of Taraflex™ Sports Flooring


The combination of Protecsol®, D-Max™/D-Max™+, CXP™HD foam ensures that Taraflex™ Sports Flooring are durable and high performing.


A surface treatment with the unique and patented triple action Protecsol®, offers three key benefits:

  • An ‘intelligent’ surface treatment, forming the ideal compromise between slide and grip for sports shoes. The floor provides safe grip and resistance as the athlete accelerates but allows the feet to move freely as they rotate.
  • A skin-burn free surface, on which the temperature during a fall is reduced by 25%, thus minimising the risk of friction burns.
  • A surface that is cost effective and easy to maintain.

 2-d-maxD-Max™ surface is a UNIQUE complex made up of calendered PVC sheets reinforced with fibreglass grids ensuring high durability of Taraflex™ Sports Flooring.

D-Max™+, an exclusivity of Taraflex™, is reinforced with two fibreglass grids providing:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability (>0.1%)
  • An indentation resistance improved by 35% to increase the range of floor usages



The manufacturing process for CXP (Cellular Xtreme Process) closed-cell foams has now been combined with the ‘very high density’ VHD foam technology developed by Gerflor.

Why use a double density foam?

At the moment of impact on the floor:

  • The light and elastic foam of the lower layer compresses totally in order to ensure protection and safety.
  • The VHD foam of the upper layer remains firm, making the deformation trough around the foot two times larger for mroe freedom of movement in rotation and secure foothold to minimise the injury risk.